Welcome to DASH Mental Health, Wellbeing & Behaviour Support and Education CIC, where we specialise in delivering bespoke and adaptable assistance to Educational Establishments, Local Authorities, Community Organisations, and families.

Our central aim is to empower children, young people, educators, and caregivers alike through the provision of one to one and group guidance and support surrounding Attendance Difficulties, Emotional Health, Wellbeing, and Behavioural needs.

We support and educate individuals, professionals and family members with the essential skills to recognise, understand, support and manage their own needs, as well as those they support, educate and care for.


DASH Mental Health, Wellbeing & Behaviour was set up by Emotional Health, Wellbeing, and Behaviour Specialist, Rob Jones.

I have previously worked as a teacher for 12 years, across schools and colleges in Wales and England, within a variety of departments, delivering and supporting literacy and numeracy, and also taught for three years within a Prison, delivering literacy, numeracy and music. My final role in education was working with young learners with Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties (BESD) who found it difficult to access mainstream education. It was from here that I started to become aware of the difficulties that some learners were having when accessing education. I began to look into the reasons and functions behind the difficulties, focusing on specific needs to support engagement with the educational process as well as supporting their behavioural, emotional and social needs.

Since leaving education, I have been providing specialist psychoeducation and wellbeing support to children and young people who are struggling with school. This has led me to support children, young people, and their families with barriers to accessing education through assessments and bespoke support plans. This includes working with the child/young person, their family, and school to create a nurturing and safe support network and developing suitable strategies towards integration towards education when ready.

I have also supported schools and parent/carers to help those in need to recognise, understand, manage, and support their individual needs, whether behavioural, emotional, or academic through targeted and adaptive interventions and support sessions.

Since starting this support, I have worked with students with behavioural, emotional, and social difficulties, who are Neurodivergent, and are care experienced. I have also worked and supported a number of educational establishments, third sectors groups, charities, CAMHS, local authorities and delivered numerous webinars and support sessions to hundreds of parents, carers and professionals.

I am a graduate member of The British Psychological Society, a member of The Association of Child and Adolescence Mental Health, as well being a Youth Mental Health First Aider and ASIST trained.


We support educational establishments in developing and delivering appropriate support plans and structures for learners who are having attendance difficulties.

We work collaboratively with existing Local Authority support services to compliment already existing support and offer further expertise and professional experience for specific complex cases. For more information about specific, targeted support please contact via email.

We provide group and individual support sessions, ongoing support programs and psychoeducation, for young people, families, community groups and educational establishments in:

Mental Health & Wellbeing: Understanding Behaviour & Emotions

Emotionally Based School Avoidance & Attendance Difficulties

Personal Development and Mindset

Attachment & Setting Boundaries

Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences & Trauma

Executive Functions

Compassion & Gratitude

Regulation: Self, Co and Coping Strategies

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