The 12 session Supporting Beyond Behaviours Project has been designed to provide you with ongoing support and psychoeducation based around developing your understanding, skills and knowledge when it comes to supporting your child’s emotional, social and behavioural needs. Your child does not need a diagnosis of any sort, but needs to be of compulsory school age. 

To project will cover:

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing: Understanding Behaviour & Emotions 
  • Emotionally Based School Avoidance & Attendance Difficulties 
  • Personal Development and Mindset 
  • Attachment & Setting Boundaries 
  • Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences & Trauma 
  • Executive Functions 
  • Compassion & Gratitude 
  • Regulation: Self, Co and Coping Strategies
  • (Optional) Therapeutic Approaches for Supporting Your Child
  • (Optional) Navigating the ALN Act and IDPs
  • (Optional) Occupational Therapy Practices for the Home

There will also be ongoing monthly meet ups for you to discuss and share your experiences, and also ask further questions for support. This support will continue, and be open to you, even after you have completed the education sessions. 

Throughout the project, you can also seek specific 1:2:1 support for yourself and child, particularly around attendance difficulties.

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